Hello Ashley Weston,

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. Our names are inverted. There are others like you as well. We live in a world with technology and brands. You’re a businessperson. I’m a businessperson. We are also human, and we make mistakes.

I accidentally mistook you for another Ashley Weston. Someone I have previously researched and have contacted. It’s been annoying because she’s taken the Twitter and Instagram handle @WestonAshley which is my true name.

Today, I had a case of the Monday’s. It was a difficult weekend. It’s raining here in New York. Things are happening. Frustrations arise. The New Yorker comes out. Sometimes you just Google your name and see that you’re not the top name anymore; and bam! You lash out.

I am sorry. I am embarrassed actually. My ego got in the way of being a decent human being.

I do want to bring to your attention a string of correspondence I had with someone who runs your websites contact page. His name is Scott.

Now, I have over ten years of experience in customer service. This is not how you treat a guest or customer in your store. Even if their behavior is a little erratic. Especially since Scott had the chance of restraint of pen and tongue with the use of e-mail; he really should have known better.

Take a look for yourself.

Now I’m okay. It’s cool. I can forgive and forget. I’m sorry, but Scott put an before dumbass when a should suffice.

Why don’t we turn this kerfuffle into an opportunity for something positive? Let’s have a Weston Ashley – Ashley Weston Kiki! You do men’s styling?! I am a gay man who happens to work at a thrift store. Merchandizing is my thing. I’m also in charge of the jewelry counter.

What do you say Ashley Weston? Let’s have a Kiki!

Best Wishes,

Weston Ashley