I did something that I thought I would never do. I went home with a stranger. Not just any stranger. This presence that shielded the view of the fluorescent lighting from underneath my eyelids. I opened my eyes to find this beard of a man. I reach for my phone when I get a ding from Scruff.  It’s him.

We quickly exchange pleasantries. Bashful grins to one another. Darting an eye to anyone’s wiser of our dalliance. In a moment of forwardness that is unexpected of me, I take my backpack seated in my lap and drop it to the wet train floor next to my umbrella to unbutton my jacket so he can get a better view of me. Am I actually doing this?

The person next to me gets up to move off the train and he sits next to me where I place my hand on his leg. It’s thick and meaty. He grins to me. I let him know I can’t host while he gives me his digits to meet him off his stop. We never take our headphones off. I’d like to say I can remember what I was listening to but it was honestly this rush in my brain and a deep beating in my chest.

He motions for me to get up and follow him off the train. I pick up my umbrella and clasp it tight in my hand before opening it up in the pounding rain outside and get soaking wet.